IntegriServ is a founding member of the AMERISERV Network of independent internal audit, consulting and accounting advisory firms in the Americas.  The network's independent firms aim to provide high quality and cost effective solutions for the complex challenges organizations face today.  AMERISERV works to connect organizations with the highly experienced consultants in our network.  Our consultants work with clients to envision solutions to address client's needs and then aim to efficiently and effectively implement these solutions to exceed expectations.  For further information on the AMERISERV Network, please go to 


IIA Canadian National and International Conferences

IntegriServ is represented at many of the Institute of Internal Auditors’ Canadian National and International Conferences.  These conferences have been held in major Canadian cities such as Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal and in international locations ranging from Boston and Atlanta to London and New York.  The 2017 Canadian National Conference is being held in Edmonton while the 2017 International Conference is being held in Sydney, Australia.  These conferences bring the latest in internal audit thought leadership from around the world.  If you would like to discuss the contents of these conferences and how these leading global practices could assist your organization, please contact IntegriServ at 780-454-8124.



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